GoFiler Script Reference


Legato v 1.3g

Application v 5.11a



Summary Table of Contents

Complete Table of Contents
Chapter One — Introduction
Chapter Two — Language Overview
Chapter Three — Data Types and Operators
Chapter Four — Flow Control
Chapter Five — General Functions
Chapter Six — File Functions
Chapter Seven — Math Functions
Chapter Eight — Data Functions
Chapter Nine — Dialog Functions
Chapter Ten — Graphic and Image Functions
Chapter Eleven — SGML Functions
Chapter Twelve — Internet Functions
Chapter Thirteen — Collaboration Functions
Chapter Fourteen — Project Functions
Chapter Fifteen — Windows/OS Functions
Chapter Sixteen — Application
Chapter Seventeen — Application Integration Functions
Chapter Eighteen — DataView Integration
Chapter Nineteen — TextView Integration
Chapter Twenty — PageView Integration
Chapter Twenty-one — EDGARView Integration
Chapter Twenty-two — Conversion Functions
Chapter Twenty-three — XBRL Functions
Appendix A — Legato SDK Standard Definitions
Appendix B — XML Data Sheet Format Specification
Appendix C — Menu Function Parameters
Appendix D — Application Menu Guide
Appendix E — Application Parameter Names
Appendix F — Project Technical Information
Appendix G — XDX Transaction Log Specification
Glossary of Common Terms