Using Legato

The Legato Scripting Language and the IDE are included in all installations of GoFiler Complete. You may also download the Legato Interpreter for free as a standalone package below.

Legato Basic


Legato Basic gives you all the features such as string processing, parsing, dialogs and data functions and much more in a compact easy to use package. Legato Basic allows you to run scripts from a command line or explorer with command line parameters. Legato is free for development for personal or non-commercial use. By downloading Legato Basic, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of its use.

Revised: November 21, 2018

Legato Release Notes
Version 1.1o (11/19/2018)
GoFiler 4.24b

1.0 Legato Script Language Notes

The release notes below specify all SDK functions available in GoFiler Complete. Other platforms may not contain the revised or new functions specified below.

1.1 Function Changes


–  Added an optional csv mode flag parameter to the DataControlLoadList function.

–  Added an optional delete count parameter to the DataControlDeleteRow function.


–  Corrected a sense issue with DataControlInsertString such that specify append (-1 for an index) would override the tabbed versus CSV checking routine.

–  Corrected return value data type for error modes with DeleteSessionValue, GetSessionInteger and GetSessionWord functions.

–  Corrected a problem with the session data manager where the first entry set would not always immediately index.

1.2 New Functions

Data Sheet Object

–  DataSheetFindCellByName — Finds a cell by its name and return row and column address.

–  DataSheetSetCellDisabled — Designates the cell as disabled.

–  DataSheetSetCellHidden — Designates the cell as hidden.

–  DataSheetSetCellProtected — Designates the cell as protected.

–  DataSheetSetCellReadOnly — Designates the cell as read only.

Data Control

–  DataControlDeleteColumn — Deletes a specified column or columns.

–  DataControlGetCellAttributes — Retrieves a cell's attributes.

–  DataControlGetChangingText — Retrieves the text entered by a user into a cell via on sheet editing.

–  DataControlGetColumnPositions — Returns positions of the columns as pixels.

–  DataControlGetColumnWidths — Returns widths of the columns as pixels or pvalues.

–  DataControlGetData — Retrieves data as a string in various formats.

–  DataControlGetDefaultRowHeight — Returns the current default row height in pixels.

–  DataControlHasColumnArray — Tests whether the data control has a column array.

–  DataControlHasRowArray — Tests whether the data control has a row array.

–  DataControlInsertColumn — Inserts one or more columns into the Data Control sheet.

–  DataControlInsertRow — Inserts one or more rows into the Data Control sheet.

–  DataControlSetActionReturnCode — Sets the return value for action messages that return additional data.

–  DataControlSetCellAttributes — Sets an attribute item for a specified cell by row and column.

–  DataControlSetRowHeight — Sets the height of a specified row.

–  DataControlSetEditStatusString — Sets the status string for edit control messages.

–  DataControlSetLocalEditMode — Sets or enables the local cell edit mode.

–  DataControlSetStatusWindow — Sets a companion status window.


–  EDGARSelectForm — Presents the EDGAR form selection dialog and returns a form name.

EDGAR Data Access Class (alpha prototype, NPORT):

–  EDACCreateObject — Creates a specified EDGAR data object by file type.

–  EDACGetItem — Retrieves a specified a single item from the EDAC Object.

–  EDACOpenFile — Opens an XML or project and returns a handle to an EDAC Object.

–  EDACOpenView — Opens the currently active EDGAR project (view) and returns a EDAC Object handle.

–  EDACSetItem — Sets a specified single item to the EDAC Object.


–  EncodeString — Encodes a string (Base64) from with optional mode and padding.

–  DecodeString — Decodes a string (Base64) from with optional mode.

File System

–  EnumerateOpenFiles — Enumerates files open by the application.

General Support

–  EnumerateHandles — Enumerates all open handles.

–  GetHandleCount — Returns a count of all open managed handles.

–  PostMessage — Post a message to a window.

–  SendMessage — Send a message to a window.

Rich Edit Control

–  RichEditGetRTF — Gets RTF (Rich Text Format) from a Rich Edit Control.

–  RichEditGetText — Gets text from a Rich Edit Control.

–  RichEditSetRTF — Sets RTF (Rich Text Format) to a Rich Edit Control.

–  RichEditSetText — Sets text to a Rich Edit Control.