Using Legato

The Legato Scripting Language and the IDE are included in all installations of GoFiler Complete. You may also download the Legato Interpreter for free as a standalone package below.

Legato Basic

This package will allow you to run Legato scripts from a command line. Legato is free for development for personal or non-commercial use. By downloading Legato Basic, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of its use.

Revised: July 16, 2019

Legato Release Notes
Version 1.2e (07/16/2019)
GoFiler 5.0a

1.0 Legato Script Language Notes 

1.1 General Changes and Enhancements

Internal Processing

–  Added logic to ensure that 16-bit wstring data is aligned on 16-bit boundaries internally. This was causing intermittent problems with some Windows API calls.

1.2 Legato Basic

Command Line Help

–  Corrected an issue with the Windows version of the script engine to display a message box on the “/?” command. It previously drive the output to a non-existent console pipe.

1.3 IDE

Debug Control Window

–  Added Unicode direct display to the variable display (previous version down converted to ANSI).

–  Added Unicode to the string inspector for wstring data types.

–  Added Unicode to the array inspector for wstring data types.