Legato Documentation

SDK Documentation is available within the GoFiler platforms that support the IDE. You may also view the manual in an internet browser by clicking on the link below.

Legato SDK


The SDK contains an overview of the Legato scripting language as well as documentation for each function available within Legato.

Revised: 05/15/2023

Additional documentation to help in creating Legato scripts is available below.

Dialog Resource Editing

ResEdit Deployment.htm

Set up instructions for dialog resource editing using a third party editor called ResEdit. Please note that while ResEdit provides the tools to aid in dialog creation and editing, Novaworks does not endorse or support ResEdit.

Revised: 5/2/2014


Resource SDK


This file defines the standard constants used within the Windows Platform SDK. If you do not have the Windows Platform SDK installed, you will need this file to use a third party resource editor to create dialogs for Legato.

Revised: 10/31/2022


Legato Default SDK


This file defines the standard constants used within Legato. This file is automatically included in all scripts unless an override has been used within the script file.

Revised: 05/16/2023